Community Housing and Employment Programs

Steadfast Housing Development Corporation administers a continuum of housing and employment options throughout the state of Hawaii to adults with serious and persistent mental illnesses.

Programs are funded by the state and federal governments and serve approximately 1200 persons annually. Each of the programs provide skills training and supports to Consumers to successfully assume their role demands of living, learning, social and work environments.



         Semi-Independent Group Home Program

         Hale Ulu Pono SRO Program

         8-16  Hour Group Home Program

         Housing Support Program

         Bridge Subsidy Program

         HUD Section 8 Program

         Shelter Plus Care Program



Program Goals:

         Provide a safe and healthy environment that supports Consumers in their pursuit of Recovery.

         Provide Consumers the option to:

     Live in group homes or apartments of choice.

     Successfully assume the role of tenant and neighbor.

     Obtain competitive employment.

     Maintain independence and a positive quality of life in the community, and

     Avert a cycle of dislocation or homelessness.


Semi-Independent Group Homes

         Provides housing opportunities and supportive services to Consumers who require minimal supervision on a day to day basis.

         Provides Resident Managers who live on-site and coordinate mental health services and concerns with community providers.


Hale Ulu Pono

         Provides single room occupancy units of choice to homeless Consumers.

         Provides life skills training, care coordination and housing support services that are individualized, and

         Provides transition to permanent community housing.


8-16  Hour Group Homes

         Provides residential care which:

     Operates 8-16 hours per day. 

     7 days per week.

         Provides Life Skills Specialists who offer structure and verbal supports to accomplish activities of daily living and Provides Medication monitoring.


Supported Housing Program

         Provides temporary bridge rental subsidies until federal or other permanent rental subsidies are available, and

         Provides housing support services to identify affordable housing of choice and assistance to meet the obligations of tenancy.