Position Description




The Supported Employment Specialist (SES) is responsible for implementing the Supported Employment Program (SEP) of the Steadfast Housing Development Corporation (SHDC).


The SES will work collaboratively with SEP Participating (Host) Agencies to develop and provide employment opportunities, vocational rehabilitation, and vocational education services. SEP services are aimed at ÒEligible ConsumersÓ who are adult, seriously, and persistently mentally ill persons, residing in the state of Hawaii, and who have expressed a desire to work.


This position reports directly to a Supported Employment Specialist Supervisor and secondly to the Supported Employment Program Manager, and is under the general direction of the Mental Health Services Director.




SEP services, provided in compliance with an Individual Service Plan (ISP), shall include but not be limited to:


ив     Vocational assessments;

ив     Job preparation, that includes Intensive Vocational Rehabilitation Services (IVRS);

ив     Job coaching of Eligible Consumers;

ив     Counseling;

ив     Environmental support; and

ив     Adaptive skills teaching necessary for an Eligible Consumer attempting to secure and retain employment.


A substantial amount of time will be spent at jobsites, meeting with Eligible Consumers, and assisting and transporting Eligible Consumers to job interviews and jobsites. Working hours will be flexible including on-call availability. The SES will need to be able to transport Eligible Consumers in their own automobile and perform other duties as assigned.




A.   Supported Employment Duties:


1.Provide Intensive Vocational Rehabilitation Services, including but not limited to:


a)     Job Coaching,


b)     Vocational or other training, including intensive job coaching, or travel training, and transportation,


c)     Evaluation, including Functional Assessment,


d)     Counseling, guidance, and referral to resources, and


e)     Services to family members and caregivers.


f)      Provide support services 24/7 days per week.


2.Prepare Functional Assessments of Eligible Consumers to identify strengths in relation to living, current skills, learning ability, work history, and social skills.


3.Schedule, coordinate, and obtain individualized employment opportunities for Eligible Consumers.


a)     Schedule job interviews for Eligible Consumers.


b)     Provide assistance and encouragement to Eligible Consumers to explore vocational goals, strengths, and problems.


c)     Maintain collaboration with Participating (Host) Agencies.


d)     Maintain and be current with Eligible Consumer benefits i.e., basic Social Security information, work incentives, special rules etc.


4.Responsible for achieving performance outcomes of SEP:


a)     Provide a minimum of twenty-five (25) hours per week of face-to-face job development, searching, and placement activities.


b)     Conduct a minimum of two (2) personal visits per calendar month with each assigned active Eligible Consumer and more frequently, as required to achieve individual Consumer needs.


c)     Place a predetermined number of Eligible Consumers in permanent, integrated work-setting, unsubsidized, part time or full-time employment, or in approved educational programs. Placement performance goals will be established annually and evaluated annually.


d)     Accompany each active Eligible Consumer to job interviews. If not appropriate to attend interviews because of confidentiality issues, then provide those Consumers with individualized employment opportunities based on Eligible Consumer job preferences. Job Interview and Individualized Employment Opportunity performance goals will be established annually and evaluated quarterly.


e)     Ensure employer contact is made within one (1) month of referral and is based on consumer job choices, preferences, strengths and/or symptoms.






B.   Job Coaching and Support Services Duties:


1.Provide Job Coaching services; job analysis, job training, job behavior management, and develop natural supports as-needed.


2.Provide follow-up services to Eligible Consumers in maintaining employment.


C.   Job Development Duties:


1.Identify receptive employers and schedule, coordinate, and obtain individualized employment opportunities for Eligible Consumers. Individualized opportunities pertain directly to Eligible ConsumerÕs stated employment interests and skills.


2.Conduct personal Job Development activities with receptive employers, where the SES presents the SHDC Supported Employment Program to employers; highlighting the benefits of the employing Eligible Consumers.


3.Schedule job interviews for Eligible Consumers.


4.Provide work opportunities for Eligible Consumers that range from four (4) hours to twenty (20) hours per week in response to the Eligible ConsumerÕs choices. Work opportunities are to comply with applicable OSHA and Stand and Federal wage and labor laws.


5.Provide on-going support services to the employer and the Eligible Consumer.



D.   Administrative Responsibilities:


1.Participate with Adult Mental Health Division Case Manager in the creation and completion of ISPs with and for Eligible Consumers, which set forth vocational goals, interventions, and performance measures.


2.Conduct timely initial Intake Assessments of Eligible Consumers.


3.Maintain records of the following information:

a)     Referrals,

b)     Assessments,

c)     Individual Service Plans,

d)     Placement information (jobsite, position, wage/salary, initial date of employment, date of termination, etc.),

e)     Satisfaction Surveys,

f)      Eligible Consumer interviews,

g)     Emergency Contact,

h)     Payment/Benefits,

i)      Consent to Release Confidential Data,

j)      Progress Notes, and

k)     Other information as required.


4.Coordinate Eligible Consumer referral to the State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). Participate in developing DVR reports and statistics.


5.Maintain safety, security and confidentiality of Eligible Consumers.


6.Attend supported employment monthly team meetings; Host Agency staff and treatment team meetings, and other meetings as required or assigned.


E.   Staff Development and Training. Participate and attend public education programs, provider-sponsored training sessions, mandatory SHDC trainings, and other training as required or assigned.




A.   BachelorÕs degree from an accredited university or college.


B.   Valid Hawaii State driverÕs license required. Privately owned automobile with current auto insurance carrying a minimum coverage of $100,000 personal liability insurance mandatory. Current safety check and a clean driving record required. Driving abstract and proof of insurance required upon hire.


C.   Available to work flexible/adjustable hours to provide on-call support and response to after hours concerns and emergencies.


D.   CPR and First Aid (current) qualification certificates. (If none, these certifications shall be obtained within the first two (2) months of employment).




A.   Experience in developing instructional plans.


B.   Ability to work within a Òself-directedÓ setting. History of reliability when work is off site.


C.   Effective prioritization skills with an ability to manage multiple tasks at a time.


D.   Ability to document and record daily activities.


E.   Computer proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and Outlook Email. Knowledge of PowerPoint and other presentation computer applications.


F.   Ability to work as a team player and communicate effectively with Eligible Consumers and their families, direct supervisor, employers, co-workers, and people of diverse cultures and backgrounds within and outside the mental health worker community.




A.   Compassion to needs of Consumers served;


B.   An attitude that supports the inclusion of people with disabilities in the community.


C.   Successful work or voluntary experiences related to the business and industrial settings in which placements will occur.


VII.    WORKING CONDITIONS: SHDC administrative office is an indoor, air-conditioned office space. Frequent meetings in non-, partially, and fully air-conditioned spaces. Occasionally meeting and performing duties in outdoor weather conditions.


VIII.  WORK HOURS: Work hours are generally Monday through Friday, 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. Schedule demands may require hours to be adjusted to maintain a 40-hour workweek.



A.   Up to several hours per day traveling to various locations by automobile;
B.   Job coaching may occasionally require performing and assisting clients with their job-related activities in a variety of retail, industrial, and manufacturing settings, some of which may require use of safety equipment and adherence to safety protocols;
C.   Maintaining reliable work attendance;
D.   Working under pressure, or deadlines, using judgment and discretion;
E.   Working under minimal supervision;
F.   Relating to people in a friendly and professional manner, performing tasks with consideration to each individualÕs abilities and needs;
G.   Willingness to work as part of a team; assisting co-workers in other areas as-needed or required;
H.   Working under established policies and procedures;
I.     Occasional climbing up and down several flights of stairs;
J.    Sitting for periods of thirty minutes or more at a time;
K.   Walking and standing for brief periods of time;
L.    May require lifting and carrying up to ten pounds at a time for short distances;
M.  Must understand and carry out oral and written instructions; and
N.   Requires oral and written communication with supervisor, co-workers, and others.